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Audentes IB TOK week


If usually history is learned in the History class and IT in a computer lab, then in the last week of April, those courses are integrated. All of a sudden we are able to find connections between history, computers, literature and biology, math and nature sciences, words and etymology and food culture.

This week the following workshops will take place:

Monday, April 25

  • 10.00–11.30 Computers and the Stars: Medieval and Modern Techniques
  • 13.20–14.20 Partners for Life
  • 14.30–15.30 Book club Handmaid’s Tale

Tuesday, April 26

  • 9.25–11.15 Chemistry is exciting and fun, chemistry is everywhere
  • 11.30–13.00 Migrating words
  • 13.10–15.00 Mathematical puzzles

Wednesday, April 27

  • 8.30–10.00 CAS reflections
  • 10.20–12.00 Literature presentations and activities
  • 12.30–16.00 DP1 in Zoo: Science-based knowledge used at Zoos
  • 12.30–13.30 PreIB:   Animation workshop

Thursday, April 28

  • 8.30–10.00 Mathematics, the language of nature
  • 12.30–14.00 Biology Mythbusters
  • 14.20–15.50 International poetry event
  • CAS Exhibition