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A visit to KUMU


On February 24th, when Estonia is celebrating its Independence Day, the students of Audentes International School had a great possibility to visit KUMU museum with their classmates and teachers. It was a memorable day for all of us full of joy and happiness. We celebrated this day altogether being involved in the process of enjoying the art and spending time with classmates in a friendly, calm and warm atmosphere.

After visiting KUMU our students shared their feelings and emotions with us.

„Impermanent flowers floating in a Continuous Sea… Once I entered ‘the ocean’, I felt a deep resonance within. Through continuous fluctuation, the waves seemed to create a singular live being. It felt as if this ocean breathed and had a beating heart. Every powerful surge was a celebration of the essence of life. There was neither a beginning nor an end to this motion.“ – Ilia

„I loved all of the exhibitions that I visited and I was glad to do that with my friends. „At the Seashore” by Eugen Ducker left an impression on me. Although, it might seem like a very simple painting, I loved it, because the painting brought back fond memories of enjoyable moments.“ – Audrey

„The different shades of green, light and dark, remind me of spring. The two women seem so carefree, riding off somewhere in the center of the painting, genuinely drawing a smile on my face. Green is one colour I normally do not gravitate towards, but here, it is made so elegant yet playful, making me look at the „Cyclists” in awe. It inspires me to wear more green, and not take things so seriously.“ – Mia

„I’m a huge fan of oil painting, they have their own world. The colours are so vivid, and the texture is always different depending on how the artist has used the paintbrush. One thing that I like about „Woman from Rome“ is the way the artist has painted a round shape around the picture, it gives you the feeling that you are looking at the painting through a lens.“ – Sonia

„The art piece in Kumu museum that has had a great impression and effect on me is „Swan Hunt” by August Jansen. Even though the meaning of the painting is strongly connected to death, as a hunt is happening, it still brought me strange feelings of peace and comfort, which were most probably induced by the choice of colour.“ – Ariadna

„The artwork “The Faithful Guardian” provoked thoughts of myself. It shows a fair-haired girl with a faithful guardian—a dog, sitting next to her. I adore animals, particularly dogs. My ones remained in Ukraine when I moved to study in Estonia. So, this work brought back memories of how I used to go for daily walks with them in the park and how much I miss them now.” – Sofia

„The painting „Sugupuu“ which means in Estonian „Family Tree“ grabbed my attention. I really like the colour palette with the little pop of red on the woman’s lips. The pictures in the background are of the woman’s relatives, but who are most likely dead. I also have a wall like that in my grandmother’s house and I think it is important to keep a memory of your loved ones even after their passing.“ – Anni

It was such a great experience for everyone both exciting and educative. We all had a chance to enjoy ourselves with our friends, classmates and colleagues as well as to celebrate the most important day for Estonia!