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A school for students not afraid of hard work


We asked Erik Kangur, a 17-year-old first-year student at Audentes International School, to introduce himself and share his impressions and experiences related to IB studies.

Erik describes himself as a social and sometimes hard-working young man who enjoys playing the piano, reading books and engaging in various physical activities, especially boxing. His educational path so far has taken place entirely in Estonia but he has changed schools quite a few times. Erik started his IB studies last autumn.

A flexible curriculum

Erik chose the Audentes International School because it provides the opportunity to focus on exactly the subjects that interest him and that he will be needing most for his future professional life. “I am very pleased that I decided to attend this school,” says Erik. “Some may not believe it, but school can actually be a nice place to be. That’s what I like about Audentes.” He also adds that every day he looks forward to his lessons with excitement.

In order to work as an engineer in the future, Erik has decided to focus on studying physics and mathematics. His most immediate goal is to graduate from the international school next spring with good results and get admitted to a top university.

Although the language of instruction is English, Erik has no trouble with it. “If a student’s English level is at least B2, they’ll manage,” he says. “English-language education also supports my future, as it promotes my ability to fluently speak one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world.”

A modern education

Erik likes the fact that Audentes International School teaches young people to think logically and really understand the topic they are learning about, instead of demanding rote learning. The school’s strengths also include a calm atmosphere and a spacious school building that provides plenty of room for studying.

An exciting and fun component included in IB studies is voluntary work. As part of that, Erik has helped his neighbours clean their backyard and take care of their dog.

“For a young person who is hard-working and has a clear goal, the International School is a good place for acquiring a secondary education,” summarises Erik. “IB studies are an ideal choice that can guide you to your desired future. You’ll have to work hard, but if you succeed, the results will be excellent.”

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