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The web page and online environments of Audentes use cookies

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto a user’s computer via the server of the online environment. As a result, the browser is able to transmit the cookie’s data to the online environment every time the online environment is used, recognising the same user.

We use cookies in connection with the processing of personal data on all four legal bases:

  • the need to fulfil an agreement (including rendering a service)
  • legal obligation
  • legitimate interest
  • consent of the customer

You can choose to disable cookies in browser settings. In some cases, doing so slows down browsing speed, reduces the functionality of web pages or restricts access to them.

We use data collected through cookies for the following purposes:

  • Rendering services: cookies are essential for the functioning of our web page and electronic service and for the user experience to be of consistent quality. For example, users have the option to not insert their username, password and personalisation options every time they log in to use our services.
  • Service development: we use the data collected via cookies to improve the performance of our online environment and electronic services. For example, we collect data to find out which sections of our web page are visited the most, which web pages users come from, which web pages they go to next and how long they stay in our online environment.
  • Usage analysis: we use cookies to assess the efficiency of advertising and collect statistics about the number of users of our online environments and electronic services.
  • Marketing: we use cookies to collect data on our target audience in order to make decisions about the placement of advertisements or which content to target at a specific browser.

If necessary, we combine the data collected via cookies with the information we have collected about you in another manner (such as information about services used).

Our web pages may include links to third party web pages, products and services as well as social media extensions (such as Facebook add-ons, i.e. plugins and Google Analytics), which we use for the purposes of marketing and statistics. The third party service or application on our web page is subject to the personal data protection rules of the specific third party. We recommend reading the personal data protection practices of such parties.