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School traditions

Orientation Week

The first of September assembly has remained a traditional event marking the beginning of an academic year also for the students of higher grades, because the summer holidays are over and now there is another pleasant possibility to start a school year together with classmates and teachers. IB Students start the new academic year with Orientation Week, where we get to know each other and communicate School procedures and values, also to have interesting sessions, that will help the Students to pass IB studies more successfully.

The Freshmen Day

Every school has the tradition to initiate the new students of the tenth grade. So does the Audentes Private School. This is the day that the seniors are waiting with excitement, the students of the tenth grade with thrill and the teachers with fear.

Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is always very much awaited by the students as well as the teachers. This is the day when the seniors can try their teaching skills and the teachers get a day when to sit behind a class desk themselves. Also all other students like this day very much, because now not a real teacher but one of themselves is standing in front of the class, providing an example!

Christmas Lunch

It is a very nice tradition to send the entire school to the Christmas holidays with a common Christmas lunch, enjoying the peaceful Christmas time. This takes place always on the last day of the second school term, after the Christmas assembly.

Global Awareness Week

At the end of January IB Students are organizing a week full of interesting activities-workshops, lectures, global cafe, Model United Nations sessions etc. to promote international-mindedness across the School.

St Valentine’s Day

In Estonia St Valentine`s is more celebrated as a day of friendship and at Audentes School we have a full week devoted to celebrating St Valentine`s. Week is traditionally organized by Student Council and therefore activities differ every year, but usually we have letter box to share the Valentine`s cards and cafe.

Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia

To celebrate this day, very beautiful and festive concerts are held everywhere, and also the Audentes Private School is not an exception.

TOK Week

In the middle of April we are devoting full week to tackle with knowledge questions and organize trans-disciplinary lessons.

Graduation prom

Graduation prom is for all High School Students, but with special emphasis to our graduating year. It is traditionally organized by 11th graders and Student Council.

End of the year Picnic

At the beginning of June, when the academic year is about to end all Students, graduates, parents and teachers are invited to a informal gathering the celebrate the beginning of summer.

TOK talks

TOK talks gives the students (and teachers) an opportunity to present and share their thoughts, summaries of your research on different areas of life.

Christmas charity

Every year we help to collect money to buy Christmas gifts for the kids in hospitals during Christmas time.

Candidates dinner

To celebrate signing up our graduates for their final exam we invite them to a formal dinner with school staff and teachers.