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Our Mission and Vision

To provide an environment that promotes students’ balanced and well-rounded development.

Personal growth and a harmonious individual depend on a healthy lifestyle, essential physical fitness and resilience, and acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills in many fields. Achieving the right balance between mental and physical activity requires a diverse learning environment and respect for each student’s individuality.

With this mission in mind, the school’s entire staff is committed to working towards providing the best development opportunities, personal fulfilment, competitive education on an international level, and a sense of security for the students. The school also shares responsibility with parents to cultivate a student’s value system and support them in their overall development.

To encourage students to become active, compassionate, diverse, and lifelong learners with creative and open minds.

With that vision in mind, Audentes International School is a creative and innovative school where internationally recognised upper secondary education can be acquired in such a way that:

  • students in the Diploma Programme are given the freedom to choose the field of study that best supports their future choices and to design a six-course curriculum tailored to their individual abilities;
  • there is a relationship of mutual respect and trust between student and teacher;
  • both the student and the teacher are creators of the learning process; and
  • students and teachers are motivated to strive for continuous self-improvement and value a concept of the life-long learning need.

Audentes International School is an educational institution with:

  • professional, friendly, creative, open-minded and motivated teachers who are trusted by children and parents alike;
  • the best opportunities for the comprehensive and balanced development of students;
  • enthusiastic students who are ready for independent life upon graduation;
  • regular communication between school and home as a way of enhancing student development as an essential part of school;
  • a modern and safe learning environment where teachers apply diverse and innovative active learning methods;
  • a strong network of alumni that serve as role models for students and motivate them to pursue success and personal fulfilment.