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About the International School

In 2011, Audentes Private School launched secondary level studies based on an international diploma programme called International Baccalaureate (IB). Since the IB Diploma Programme is for grades 11 and 12, we decided to launch a course (pre-IB) for 10th graders to prepare them.

We had several curricula to choose from, but ultimately decided on the IB Diploma Programme, which is taught in 159 countries and more than 5400 schools. This programme allows locals and the children of the families moving (back) to Estonia to study in accordance with an internationally acknowledged curriculum.

Four children studied based on this curriculum in the first year, but today there are almost 100 students. In the first years of the Diploma Programme, students had a selection of nine subjects. Now, they have 16 to choose from.

Since September 2019, the IB division has operated as a separate school and bears the name Audentes International School.

Our Diploma Programme currently includes students from more than 10 countries, the farthest being Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Norway. Among our alumni and current students are future medics, architects, engineers, artists, biologists, lawyers, financial officers and business administration experts.

Studies and electives
The IB Diploma Programme lasts for two years and is preceded by a preparation year for students to familiarise themselves with the programme and determine their strengths. In order to base their studies on an international curriculum, students are required to be good at self-management and time management. The studies alternate between classroom learning and practical classes in laboratories and study centres.

Students of the IB Diploma Programme create their timetables themselves by selecting six of the 16 available subjects. Three of those are at standard level and three at higher level. An individual timetable enables students to focus early on in the area that interests them and supports their future career choices.

We support talented and active students with excellent study results in order to motivate them to achieve even better results in their studies, non-class activities and representation of the school.

In addition to specialised studies, our teachers have completed further education and acquired the relevant licence required to teach the International Diploma Programme. They work as a unified team – they meet for discussions, plan joint activities, hold meetings and even spend free time together.

The International School offers many fun, traditional activities. The students, including those of the Private School and the Sports Gymnasium, participate in major joint events, Theatre Days, prom, World Education Week, etc. Together with parents, we collect money for charity in order to give presents to the children staying in the Children’s Hospital during the Christmas holidays and bring them joy.